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I actually have to pack stuff today and I really don’t want to something about packing is IMMENSELY difficult for me like I just look at all my stuff and I’m like


I guess I’ll go live in a box and leave this all behind

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July. 25. 2014. 03:52 pm
her anatomy is pretty A+ tbh she can probably give you some tips

yeah her art is fantastic ugh I’ll have to talk to her about it later

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talk to Sara!

oh yeah?

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Winner of JJBA Biggest Change of Face Contest: You Decide

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I really need to practice drawing legs and hips I can’t figure those things out

arms, those are fine, chest torso head neck w/e it’s all fine


forget it

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rough concept for Deumus, Devil of Violence

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I can’t wait for a newspaper article to get published talking about just how many people get hospitalized after seeing fifty shades because you know it’s going to happen,

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「紅組」_「.Axis.」の漫画 [pixiv].htm

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John Silva’s Photoshop Smudge Pack 2.0 Painterly Edition

DOWNLOAD HERE- http://johnsilva.deviantart.com/art/John-Silva-Smudge-Pack-2-0-Painterly-Edition-457146526

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