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transparent big dumb shiny dragon baby for all your blogging needs

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we’re packing up everything left tonight, including the computers so wish me luck I’m kind of nervous, but also excited hopefully everything goes well, I’ve never moved this big before so… EXCITING STUFF


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I actually have to pack stuff today and I really don’t want to something about packing is IMMENSELY difficult for me like I just look at all my stuff and I’m like


I guess I’ll go live in a box and leave this all behind

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her anatomy is pretty A+ tbh she can probably give you some tips

yeah her art is fantastic ugh I’ll have to talk to her about it later

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talk to Sara!

oh yeah?

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Winner of JJBA Biggest Change of Face Contest: You Decide

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I really need to practice drawing legs and hips I can’t figure those things out

arms, those are fine, chest torso head neck w/e it’s all fine


forget it

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rough concept for Deumus, Devil of Violence

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I can’t wait for a newspaper article to get published talking about just how many people get hospitalized after seeing fifty shades because you know it’s going to happen,